Why the Irish Times Fancies Itself as a Startup Incubator


What can a 153-year-old news publisher teach five tech startups? Digital expertise may flow both ways as Ireland’s newspaper of record offers desk space and funding to new companies whose products it hopes to adopt.

BBC Worldwide is not the only Big Media organisation to host and mentor new tech startups at its headquarters this summer.

The Irish Times also just started its Digital Challenge – an eight-week programme in which it is giving desk space to and getting to know five fledgling ideas.

  1. MyIFli.com – a simple mobile website creator
  2. Storyflow – visualises news story events
  3. PicTurk – amateur photography contest platform
  4. KnockOn.ie – grassroots rugby community
  5. GetBulb – data graphics creator

Irish startup incubator NDRC LaunchPad is running the project with the 153-year-old newspaper’s new chief innovation officer Johnny Ryan. Arthur Cox and KPMG are each providing €10,000 in legal and consulting fees. Each startup will get to pitch at Dublin Web Summit and receive advice from a range of outside personalities.

The winning startup will receive Irish Times marketing worth €10,000 and, perhaps most importantly, a convertible loan note for €50,000 investment from DFJ Esprit.


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